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    Sep 22 02. New version of The Orchid Thief :: Susan tells me there's a new version of The Orchid Thief coming out soon. It's a paperback and contains a new forward written by her as well as some information about the movie. Amazon doesn't appear to have it yet, but I'll link it up as soon as they do.

(And wouldn't it be fun if this new version was a fresh, um, adaptation from the movie script? Would we even be able to read it?)

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    Sep 18 02. is live :: After many months of horsing around, we finally got launched. There are a few rough bits here and there, but hopefully you get the idea.
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    Sep 13 02. In a time of change, in a world that's not your own... :: Alright, we get our first look at Adaptation with this nifty trailer. Cage looks pretty good as both Charlie & his twin brother Donald. And Vanilla Ice has completely ruined that song for me...not that Ice, Ice, Baby isn't a good song as well. I don't know what movies the trailer is playing in front of at the theatres, but you can catch it on the Web in QuickTime, Windows Media (low band.), Real Media (low band.) formats.
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    Sep 13 02. Official site launched :: The official Adaptation site has launched on There's not a whole lot there right now, just some trailers, a descrition of the film, and a sign-up for more information when it becomes available (hopefully soon). I've added a link for the site to the sidebar.
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regarding: Adaptation is a frequently updated collection of links, news, and happenings about Adaptation, a motion picture by Spike Jonze & Charlie Kaufman and starring Nicolas Cage & Meryl Streep. This weblog is written by Jason Kottke. I designed Susan's site earlier this year and she was kind enough to let me take over this little bit of it. Unless specifically noted otherwise, all text and opinions expressed on the weblog are mine, not Susan's. Welcome!
Adaptation is based on The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean...and that's only the half of it. If you're interested in reading the pulp version of the film, you can buy The Orchid Thief at Amazon.
Watch the trailer:
Watch the trailer for Adaptation...
QuickTime, Windows Media (low band.), Real Media (low band.)
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