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    Jan 31 03. To the polls! :: Vote for Adaptation in IMDB Best of 2002 poll. Vote early, vote often.
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    Jan 31 03. BAFTA nominees :: The British Academy of Film and Television Art has announced their awards as well. Adaptation's formidable foursome are up for awards: Cage, Cooper, Streep, and Kaufman.
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    Jan 31 03. SAG award nominees announced :: The Screen Actors Guild has announced the nominees for their 2003 awards. Cage is nominated for best actor, Chris Cooper for best supporting actor, and the cast of Adaptation for outstand performance by a cast.

You may be wondering "Where is Meryl?" Word is that a "low-level employee" (now ex-employee, one might imagine) at Sony submitted Streep's name to be considered as best actress for Adaptation instead of best supporting actress as they intended. As a result, "The Hours" Meryl and "Adaptation" Meryl cancelled each other out in the best actress category and hence no nomination at all. Reading what I have about Streep, I think Sony & Miramax probably care more about this than she does.

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    Jan 27 03. The Hours :: An early scene in The Hours has Meryl Streep's character standing next to a big bunch of orchids. I wonder if that was accidental or an intentional wink to movie fans re: her role in Adaptation?
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    Jan 27 03. Confessions.... :: The Kaufman Bros. (or Charlie at least) have another movie out these days. The Kaufman-penned, Clooney-directed Confessions of a Dangerous Mind opened recently to pretty good reviews. It's the story of Chuck Barris, game show host and secret agent. I have yet to see it, but I'm looking forward to it.
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    Jan 27 03. Adaptation spawns yet more meta-ness :: The folks at Sakebomb have produced a few behind-the-scenes videos about intrepid production assistant Lloyd Rice's adventures on the set of Adaptation. They did something similar with Being John Malkovich a few years ago. Fun stuff.
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    Jan 20 03. Golden Globes :: A good night for Adaptation last night at the 2003 Golden Globes. Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper won for best supporting actress/actor. Chicago won best comedy/musical, and in an upset, Charlie Kaufman didn't win the award for best screenplay (!!!).
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    Jan 09 03. New York Film Critics' Circle Ceremony :: The New York Film Critics' Circle Ceremony is this Sunday, and Susan will be there to award the best screenplay award to Charlie Kaufman (and presumably a posthumous award to Donald).
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    Jan 06 03. Anyone seen The Orchid Thief? :: Has anyone out there been looking for The Orchid Thief in bookstores and can't find it? If so, Susan would like to know about it. You can email her at
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    Jan 05 03. Anxious and obsessed with image :: Adaptation makes Stephen Holden's list of the best movies of 2002:

"Mr. Cage, who appears to have put on at least 20 pounds for his dual role, is equally convincing as a shy, self-loathing schlub and his carefree doppelganger. As Ms. Orlean, Meryl Streep gives a refined comic performance that gives the film a perfect twist of lemon. Most impressive is Chris Cooper's portrayal of John Laroche, the eccentric gap-toothed orchid thief whose story Charlie is struggling to tell."

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    Jan 05 03. Another honor for Cooper :: Chris Cooper has been named runner-up for best supporting actor by the National Society of Film Critics.
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Adaptation is based on The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean...and that's only the half of it. If you're interested in reading the pulp version of the film, you can buy The Orchid Thief at Amazon.
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